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More than half the Armenian population is living under the poverty line. We find this unacceptable. With the lack of action from the Armenian government to create job opportunities for our brothers and sisters back home. We wish to put this matter into or own hands, into the peoples hands. We believe the people have the power to make a new Armenia. We should not rely on our government nor our leadership to do so. We are the leaders of Armenia. We have the power to decide where our country’s future will go. We must make it a priority to boost the Armenian economy. The opportunity in Armenia for its residents is non-existent. Without a strong economy Armenia won’t have the capability to defend itself. We believe that our organization can help the Armenian people crawl out of poverty and give birth to a new life. A life where people have the opportunity to pursue happiness, a life where people can make enough money to put food on their families table. This organization is the people. We the people of Armenia vow to create businesses in Armenia which will provide the residents job opportunities. You are already a part of this organization. This organization represents the People of Armenia and with our unity and our will to make a brighter future for our country we will create a powerful Armenia. With your help we can create an Armenia that someday we can live in.

If you are interested in donating your unwanted stuff please schedule a pickup time above and we will send you a confirmation with the time that is best suited for us to pick up your donations. Clothing is a very popular item so if you have any clothes that you are not wearing anymore please consider donating them to our cause. You can also make money donations if you like. You can make money donations through our website on the Donate tab. Also don’t forget to check out our Merchandise which is created by our own in house crew. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase the best Armenia merchandise you can find on the internet and support a great cause. We the People of Armenia are ready to create a brighter future for our country.

How it Works

People of Armenia is an organization that picks up people’s unwanted things and then resells them. You can schedule a pick up time above if you wish to donate. We then put the money from reselling the unwanted stuff into a fund. The fund’s sole purpose is to create Jobs in Armenia and to boost the Armenian economy. We use the money to strategically build businesses in Armenia which will create job opportunities for Armenian residents.

How to Donate


Step 1:

Schedule a pick up time for us to pick up your unwanted stuff, Please be as descriptive as possible in the items that we will be picking up, we want to make sure there is enough room in our vans.


Step 2:

We pick up your items then, deliver them to our storage facility, our crew members then research the items and sell them either through online or through our consignment partners.


Step 3:

Once we liquidate your donations into cash we send the money to a fund in Armenia which we manage. After the money is in the fund we get to work on creating as many strategic businesses as possible with our in house business management and venture capitalist group.



Proceeds go to build businesses in Armenia


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